North of 53°

I am living in the middle of Europe. We can go bathing in lakes in summer, can have colourful leaves in autumn, have snow in winter and great colourful flowers in spring. I love it!

In the year 2005 I had the opportunity to go on a trip which I will always remember. I was able to go on a train-ride from Winnipeg to Churchill (1697 km and 38 hours) and to enter a different world, the world of permafrost, ice and snow, …

I spent two nights and a whole day on the train, but I didn’t regret it one minute. It was great to look out of the window and explore this strange world while sitting warm and safe in the train. From time to time, I spotted animals which I had never seen outside of a Zoo before which was brilliant as it was such a rare sight for me: a snow-owl, snow-grouses and a snow-fox

But the best of all was about to come. I had managed to book a Tundra-Buggy Tour in advance. As most places are full of all-inclusive-tourists, which was way too expensive for me, places for individual tourists are quite rare

I left the train in Churchill, which is situated at the coast of the Hudson Bay. There, just outside th the town, the bears wait for the Hudson Bay to freeze. Only then they are able to go hunting. The mothers and their cubs wait more hidden, in security, as the mail  bears could try to eat the cubs. But especially the young male bears wait at this spot, where the Tundra-Buggys pass by.

The bears could easily avoid to meet the Tundra-Buggys, because the vehicles must stay on certain routes. But they don’t. I am sure the bears enjoy the diversion the Buggys bring, the interesting smells of people and food – and that they really love to show off… They obviously had fun!

This blogpost was inspired by 'The Weekly Photo Challenge' of Please click here for more information and the blogposts of other bloggers about 'rare' things.

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